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Cost-Effective Zipper Headphone – Say Good-bye to Common Headphone Line Winding Problem

  As a cost-effective zipper headphone, What differs it from the ordinary headphone is not only the fashion modeling, but also the characteristic headphone zipper wires with mutual cooperation zipper body. However, this two headphone wires with the zipper body can pull zipper up and down by a zipper head. What’s more, there is even a volume control switch on some of the zipper headphone wires. The zipper headphone wire adopts single head and end-closed zipper technology which can fix both ends of the zipper headphone wire to prevent the zipper head from slipping.
  These superiority features lies in solving the ordinary headphone line knots problems.
  Latest fashion in-ear zipper headphone with a variety of colors available.The zipper headphone adopts unique double diaphragm technology and metal cavity system. It can not only prevent resonance effectively to ensure clear and clean sound quality, but also improve the effect of low frequency to a certain extent. However, it is perfectly suitable for young people fascinated in pop music and rock music.
  One small fashionable colorful zipper headphone can always attract people's vision.There is no doubt that it is a good choice for female users. This kind of zipper headphone is delicate manual work. It adopts the metal cavity which makes the appearance of the cabinet fashionable.More than that, it is comfortable wearing and good sound insulation effected.
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Product:Zipper Earphone, Zipper usb data cable, Glowing earphone, Shoelace earphone